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August Post

Hey y’all!

Long time since I last posted but I guess not much has really happened in the last couple of months other than work is good and home life is good with my roomie! On the relationship side I’m not certain…I was briefly seeing a brazilian exchange student with a really kind heart which I have have discovered is the most important attribute to me in men. Unfortunately Brazil had to go back home.

I was scrolling through my people you may know and recognised a guy I used to speak to on hornet and had always enjoyed chatting too. He had a great personality and even though through just text he really stood out as adventurous and creative but the timing was always wrong either i had started seeing someone else or I was moving to canberra! I thought what the hell!? and pushed friend request i mean what is the worst that could happen?

A few days later he accepted and we arranged to meet up. Things didn’t work out quite as planned as he had an obligation but he said we could meet up later.I had dinner with a friend and then we met up on oxford. My friend kept telling me that the guy was keen but I saw no obvious signs. I decided to test the waters and grabbed his hands and swung them around. We moved closer and then he leaned in for a kiss. We couldn’t stop kissing after that really.

The night got later and all of a sudden the effort of the working week and travel to sydney hit me. He offered for me to come back to his but I said no and added that it was too soon… He didn’t really respond but when we were leaving the club he offered again and i hesitated. He told me that he was so tired that he would just sleep to allay any concern. We got back to his shared a bed but didn’t sleep but didn’t have sex.

In the morning he made a big deal of saying he would contact me when he was in canberra which was going to happen later in the month. I texted him a couple of hours later after I got home saying I was glad i had met him etc he replied that he had had fun and that again he would let me know when he was in canberra.

A week has passed and I haven’t heard anything from him I feel like I’m in limbo because everything has been planned for a future time and everything in the past is meant to have gone well. I go after a lot of jerks and can only blame myself for it not working out in the end but I’m attracted to him mainly because I think he has a kind heart.

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